We expand our activity props line with the new product - Pixel Jump Rope

We are thrilled to finally share some exciting updates about the Ignis Pixel Jump Rope you have all been eagerly waiting for!

It would not be exaggerated much if telling that this is one of the longest waited items in our assortment. It was announced in summer 2022, and we started taking preorders, hoping to complete the job in a few months. Being very careful during the development process, in an effort to improve the performance and reliability of the product, we were forced to delay the release, which ultimately led to the unexpected result of ending up with a product that was different from the originally intended version. The result exceeded our expectations, and we do hope it will exceed yours either.  

Now let's reveal the facts of what has been made and why it is so good. 

Firstly, we have made a major design change by abandoning the segmented outer case and opting for a one-piece flexible design. This new design not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also improves the durability of the jump rope.

In terms of the LED lighting, we have switched from a standard LED strip to a specially designed LED part that is exclusive to our skipping rope. Although this has increased the cost of components, it allows the jump rope to withstand constant bending, even tens to hundreds of thousands of times. Additionally, the width of the main part of the rope has been reduced from 14 to 8 mm, providing a sleeker and more streamlined look.


We have developed a new version of controllers featuring Type-C connectivity.

The most susceptible area of the rope is the central part, which strikes the ground. In our tests, this is almost always where damage occurs, and in the past, it has caused half of the rope to cease working.

Now, Jump Rope consists of two halves – independent devices that are synchronized via radio. In the event of excessive impact load and damage to the central part, not half of the rope will fail, but a small section of a few centimeters. This will be almost imperceptible to the audience, allowing the show to proceed.

The handles have undergone several redesigns – they are now hollow, lightweight, and comfortable, with a bearing, and are virtually indestructible. They now offer more convenient length adjustment and the ability to minimize the length of the rope from the handle to the LED part. Athletes who have tried these handles even requested them for their non-LED jump ropes due to their exceptional comfort.

As a result of all these changes, the jump rope has become significantly lighter, weighing only 180 grams compared to the initial weight of approximately 420 grams. Moreover, the reliability of the jump rope has greatly increased. Previously, the rope would break down after an hour and a half of active use, but now it remains operational for more than 15 hours of training, equivalent to approximately 5-7 hours of continuous jumping.

We are delighted to announce that we have already started shipping the first orders of the new jump rope. We have received positive feedback from our first customers, who are thrilled with the product. Join them in experiencing the joy and excitement of skipping rope with our upgraded and enhanced version. Get yours today and take your jump rope workouts to a whole new level!



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