Summer is over, but don't be sad!

To cheer you up in the first month of autumn, we are going to start our new sale!

And we are happy to give a special offer for you!

The offer is available since September 20, 2021 until September 30, 2021, for all pixel products based on LITE family: POI, DOUBLESTAFF, DRAGONSTAFF, LEVIWAND, NUNCHUCKU, STAFF.

For all LITE model props we give from 6% to 15%, for accessories – from 20% to 60%

Amount of the discount depends on a product.


About LITE models

If you started to spin recently or just begin to create own performances this product line of digital props will be the best choice for you.

The Lite product line is also perfect for kids and people who are not ready for huge investments in digital props, for example for those people who mainly perform with fire poi, fire nunchucks and other fire equipment.

We also added into the Lite all must-have options that will help to make your show remarkable. Upload text, logos, graphic, emoji with USB and synchronize your performance with music. And adjust up to 10 timelines in our user-friendly and free software for Windows and MacOS.

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